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Signal Garden

Artificial Intelligence in Firefighting

Recently, Signal Garden provided the Department of Homeland Security with expertise in data processing on lower-power devices. There are many implications for smart cities and Internet of Things (IoT).

The Assistant for Understanding Data through Reasoning, Extraction and sYnthesis, or AUDREY for short, is a software application that performs data fusion and provides tailored situational awareness to first responders.

Signal Garden participated in a series of “test burns” intended to provide instrument data, sensor readings, and imagery to begin training AUDREY on fire growth, flow paths, and flashover. Leveraging cutting-edge technology from the newest field of artificial intelligence (AI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), AUDREY is being taught fire behavior and the risks firefighters face to assist firefighters, incident managers, and dispatchers to keep personnel safe. Each scenario was aimed at teaching AUDREY how fast a fire develops; how the contents of the fire affects the heat and the fire’s growth; and how much time responders have to do their job before conditions are no longer tenable.

Read the article The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Firefighting, in Fire Engineering Magazine.