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See interviews from the booth at AWE 2015. I talk with CEOs and Founders, Influencers and Authors, the people who have a vested interest in the future as we progress towards an augmented world. Hear their stories as each interviewee gives their views on where we are heading. Interviews from 2016 show us how our industry has graduated from last year, and not to mention indicators of mixed reality. The Augmented World Expo is the premier conference covering Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and Wearables. Looking forward to talking with them again at AWE 2017!



Jeri Ellsworth
Co-Founder Tilt Five; former Co-Founder & President, castAR (aka Technical Illusions)



Rafael Brown
Co-Founder & Creative Director – Digital Myths



Ebbe Altberg
CEO – Linden Lab



Martin Herdina
CEO, Wikitude



Chris Stapleton
Creative Director + Venture Catalyst, Simiosys Real World Laboratory



Markus Meixner
Founder & CTO – ViewAR



Jeff Powers
CEO, Occipital, Inc.



Jay Wright
Spokesperson & Head of Qualcomm (now PTC) Vuforia



Nima Shams
VP of Head Mounted Displays, Osterhout Design Group (ODG)



Tom Furness
AWE 2015 Keynote, Founder & Director, HIT Lab



Doug Magyari
CEO, Immy, Inc.



Steve Mann
AWE 2015 Keynote, Chief Scientist at META



Ines Le Bihan
Industrial Designer – Huami



David Brin
AWE 2015 Keynote, Astronomer, Futurist & Science Fiction Author



BC Biermann
Academic & Digital Artist – The Heavy Projects



Curtis Hickman
Chief Creative Officer – THE VOID



Ryan Damm
Founder – Visby



Dan Eisenhardt
General Manager: Head-Worn Devices Group, Intel



David Marimon, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO – Catchoom



RJ Holmberg
Director, Business Development, HP



Nicolas D. Pezzarossa
Global Sales & Business Development Director, Joinpad



Jay Iorio, IEEE
Director of Innovation, IEEE Standards Association



Ketan Joshi
VP Marketing, Atheer Labs



Patrick O’Shaughnessey
AWE & Founder, CTO & Founder Patched Reality Inc.



Christi Fiorentini
Senior Applications Engineer – Lockheed Martin



Brian Ballard
CEO – Upskill (formerly APX Labs)



David Marimon, PhD
CEO & Co-founder, Catchoom



Steve Dann
CEO – Amplified Robot



Chris Pickett
CEO, Pelican Imaging



Patrick O’Shaughnessey
AugmentedReality.Org & Patched Reality



Stefan Grambart
Creative Director – The Secret Location



Pete Wassell
CEO, Augmate



Mark Skwarek
Faculty, NYU Media Lab



Eric Abbruzzese
Senior Analyst – ABI Research



Jay Donovan
Journalist – TechCrunch



Tom Dubois
Developer Relations Manager, zSpace


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