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Google ATAP is Advanced Technology & Projects

Google’s Tango began in Motorola’s ATAP group. Later, ATAP moved to under Google’s authority and continued Tango’s mission to enable human-scale understanding of 3D space & motion on a mobile device with depth sensing, motion tracking and area learning technologies.

The new product introduction process is always exciting. As a member of the team, I enjoyed the freedom to think creatively in developing & managing programs that engage potential new developers and evangelize the Tango platform as a solution for Virtual Reality, Mixed reality, Indoor navigation, Pre-visualization, and Gamesfor both enterprise and consumer use.

Mobile World Congress 2016 Editor’s Choice Awards:

  • Digital Trends: Best of MWC 2016, Cool Tech
  • Tom’s Guide: Best of MWC 2016
  • SlashGear: Best Promising Tech

Tango is the result of deep collaboration with laboratories around the world with expertise in computer vision, robotics, and area learning. This cooperation gave the world an exciting new class of devices that can see and understand the spaces around them. Watch this video showcasing some of the people and ideas that went into making Tango a reality.


Announcement Video


See what The Verge experienced on Tango.

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