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Nukotoys Mobile Trading Cards Animal Planet In-Game Home Screen

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Nukotoys Mobile Trading Cards


Emerging Mobile Interactions with iOS Games & Trading Cards with the Magic of Nukotoys — Merging Virtual Worlds with Physical Play




February 12, 2013 — Nukotoys’ Animal Planet: Wildlands Nominated for 2013 eConnected Toy Of The Year Award.



“Nukotoys Is Part Pokemon Cards, Part iPad Game, And Everything Your Kid Wants”

– Fast Company


Gazebo and Yahoo!Games call us “magicians

Parenting Magazine calls it the Best New Toy of 2012.



VentureBeat July 10, 2012 — Nukotoys Wins MobileBeat
2012 Innovation Competition. Click here for the story.


Intro Tap-A-Nuko


Giving kids fun, fantastical experiences through online and real-world play. Magically bringing trading cards to life on iOS in collaboration with Discovery Channel and Ology World fantasy book properties. My responsibilities included Sales Operations and Release Management of both Animal Planet: Wildlands and Monsterology iOS games and trading card sets, internationalization and localization for 23 countries & languages, and product development of new augmented reality experiences!


It’s been a great experience contributing to the success of another startup — thrilling with a new challenge every week!

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