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Community Leadership

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Professional Development

Video Game Production

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Film & Video Production

Theater + Improvisation

Film & Video Production

Active experience in the Chicago indie film scene.

Working on the sets of low-budget feature films, producing short films and an independent TV pilot were great experiences for producing stories.


“Not Another B Movie” IMDB
Directed by John Wesley Norton



“Michael Morlock’s Supernatural World” IMDB
Directed by John Wesley Norton


(The first of several projects working with Director John Wesley Norton)
Nominated for the Chicago Horror Film Festival (2011)


“Get Pony Boy”
Directed by Juan Frausto



“Cops In Da Alley”
Scene from TV pilot produced by Mark Piszczor


(Filmed using Sony DCR-VX2000; Pilot Length: 25 Minutes)


2Nite Only
Fast Forward Film Fest


This short film was created for a 24-hour film festival. Films were due 1 day after suggestions were provided. Our suggestions: “Concert — Tonight Only” and “Little boy”

[James Bespalec-Davis, Jason Jones, Mark Piszczor; Music by Dave Matthews Band]



Short film festivals & sketch comedy shows.


Bill’s Hallucination
Multimedia Sketch Comedy Show



This video was created to bridge two story lines presented in a sketch comedy show titled “The Accountants of Homeland Security”. Much of the show integrated both live stage & video to let the story expand outside of the theater.

Synopsis: The Accountants look to blackmail to save their jobs. Bill, a former CIA agent, takes matters into his own hands.

[Kris Bespalec-Davis, James Bespalec-Davis, Tim Grimes, Mark Piszczor, Matt Sirek; Written Edited and Dirtected by Mark Piszczor; DP and Post-Production by P3Mediaworks; Music by The GO! Team]


Weekend At Berenice
Fast Forward Film Fest



A collaboration for an 8-Hour Film Fest, our process was divided into the following: Concept (2 hours), Writing and Pre-production (2 hours), Production (3 hours), and Post-Production (1 hour, yeah not enough time). Our provided suggestions: Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “Berenice”.

[Created by James Bespalec-Davis, Sarah Brenia, Mike Messier, Jake Neal, Mark Piszczor]


Bill’s Kidnapping
Multimedia Sketch Comedy Show



In Episode 3 of a “The Accountants of Homeland Security”, Bureaucrat Norbert debilitates the Accountants and forces Bill to risk it all to retrieve his most prized possession — his gun “Princess Di”. She would do it for him.

[Tim Grimes, Sterling Martin, and Mark Piszczor; Written, Edited, and Directed by Mark Piszczor; Music by Ennio Morricone]

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